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who are we:

Al-Fanous Library Store specializes in providing all office supplies that are manufactured with precision and high professionalism in order to give you perfect smooth use all the time. Chosen to be your safe interface in online shopping for notebooks, pens, inks, calculators, school bags, electronics and many more products needed for a new and more effective school year. All these products and more, you can now shop under one roof at uncompetitive prices.

Our goal from the beginning was to provide an ideal variety of office, school and technical products and supplies that were manufactured with quality to be always the best in use, and we were keen in Al-Fanous Library to provide many sizes and sizes that suit all age groups and grades.

Our vision is to always gain customer satisfaction by providing reliable products from the most famous brands to give you maximum benefit and distinguish you among everyone with a unique user experience without anyone else. In addition to improving the services provided by providing a strong and knowledgeable customer service team to help you always during the purchase process, and it is ready to receive and respond to all inquiries around the clock.

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